Don’t Misunderstand Secondhand……

.…… has long been our company slogan.  The term ‘second hand’ can often be depicted as ‘poor quality’.  But as we now find ourselves in some of the worst economically challenging times of our lives, it pays to adopt a war type effort of ‘make do and mend’ in terms of recycling, whilst refocussing our attitudes in terms of purchasing second hand goods.

Heavy duty plastic storage boxes are one such product that is ideal bought and sold as a second hand product, particularly in a climate where plastic costs continue to increase. In second hand state, it is  a product that can be high in demand but short in supply.   The plastic box is versatile and depending upon its condition in its ‘used’ state, can be used in most capacities whether they be in a 100000sqft warehouse or a 100sqft vegetable patch.

In our experience at IQS, the current trend appears to show that the most commercially sought after box type in second hand state has to be the pallet box – standard or non standard size, solid, ventilated or collapsible it has versatility and large appeal, but we feel this appeal and versatility should be far more widespread – and thats where you come in.

Good quality secondhand boxes are a real commodity that we are always interested in purchasing.  If you are looking to remove surplus boxes from your stock and want to turn plastic into cash then please get in touch – we’d be pleased to hear from you.

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Build Your Own Truck!

Ever wanted to build your own sackbarrow?  Possibly not 😀 but if you’re looking to purchase one that you can economically customise we likely have the answer for you.

‘Build Your Own Truck’ through following a simple step by step order process allows you to choose each individual component and create your unique model.  All trucks are fully assembled and delivered.

The base model truck is shown above left and is priced at £115.00 plus vat and delivery.  Further customisation is available with a choice of alternative components to suit your needs and is priced accordingly.

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Boxes and Boxing

Over the last year it has without doubt been both an enormous pleasure and a positive marketing partnership to have been involved with the Queensbury Boxing League  on their shows which are now featured on UK Eurosport, which has enabled Queensbury to promote its boxers as IQ Storage promotes its boxes.

For those of you that either follow our blog, our Facebook page or have our website bookmarked for your storage requirements you may know that the connection between IQS and Queensbury originates from my working relationship with Queensbury Director and ex professional boxer Ross Minter who in his ‘other life’ works as a fitness trainer.

Appreciating the synergy between selling boxing and selling boxes, the link between the two companies has undoubtedly been beneficial in raising the profile of our company and its intelligent boxing solutions.  At a time when the sport of boxing is regaining in popularity and recapturing the interests of the masses despite some recent controversial publicity IQ Storage are proud to support this high quality amateur event run by a very slick team.

We look forward to attending their next event to be held on the 30th June.

In the meantime, business has been steady with recessional times providing a clear indicator that secondhand boxes are in very high demand and it remains that our biggest seller to date has to be the secondhand folding pallet box.  Measuring 1200 x 1000 x 975mm, unlike its solid counterpart this box has the capability to fold down to approximately 300mm in height making it easier to store when not in use.  Currently selling at £75 plus VAT and Delivery we think this price is hard to beat.

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Boxing Day

Lewis Pinto accepting his Title Belt from Jacquie Russell IQ Storage

Boxing Day……usually celebrated on the 26th December in the UK traditionally the day meant for unwrapping all those boxes full of Christmas goodies!

Well our Boxing Day is slightly earlier – this coming Saturday the 8th October,  8pm Channel 433 on Sky where we are hoping the Queensbury Boxing League will reveal lots of goodies too in the form of some amazing title fighters demonstrating their technical abilities in the hope of gaining the prized title belt.  We’re there in force, on the canvas, the corners, the toblerones, the TVs, so don’t miss this opportunity to view some truly inspiring, intelligent boxing sponsored by an intelligent box provider.

Providing intelligent box solutions is our game and this week has been no exception. Amongst the many enquiries for our most popular products, we are witnessing an increase in interest in the rental market. So is it mental to consider rental? Well we think not. For customers wanting to use boxes for a short period of time it provides a solution to their needs without the expense of capital outlay and then the need to find storage space or dispose of boxes they no longer need.

This week’s unusual rental request was for a vineyard owner based in Switzerland, with vineyards in the UK. Needing a short term solution to harvest the grape crop, here at IQS we have provided the ideal crate which is lightweight, ventilated and foldable. Charged out at 50p per box per week is both cost effective and convenient

600 x 400 x 290 vented crate available to buy £3.00 per box or to rent 50p per box per week

Multipurpose lightweight crate that both stacks and folds. For more information on crate rental or any of our products please contact us at

The EconoTruk

EconoTruks are an effective mix of components that have been used to make a good general purpose truck.  They are perfect for general use around the office, home or warehouse and are overall good quality. Priced at around 50% less than many other suppliers of this type of truck – we think  – really lightens the load.

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Introducing the Dolav

The Dolav – yes you could be forgiven for thinking this could be anything from the latest Russian spacecraft to a new type of public convenience.

It is in fact a humble pallet box.

Made from heavy duty plastic and surprisingly generally less expensive than its various pallet box counterparts, the Dolav is generally regarded as ‘The Hoover’ of the pallet box world and comes in various model types with such options ranging from the 800 to 1600, ACE or Classic in solid or ventilated form that can generally be stacked 6 high and are primarily used in the agricultural, food processing, recycling, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

The Dolav pallet box is made of strong UV resistant polymer, resistant to corrosion and easy to keep clean. It allows for bulk items to be stored, handled and distributed efficiently whilst the plastic base allows for easy transportation by forklift truck

The biggest advantage of the Dolav is that it comes as a box unit complete with runners (also known as skids) avoiding the need to attach these when preparing to transport using a forklift truck as is the case with some alternative makes of pallet box. The disadvantage to this of course is that if the runner/skid breaks then the entire box has to be replaced.

From an environmental perspective the Dolav appears to tick all the boxes with the manufacturer stating that they use only fully recyclable plastic and are committed to making products that are long life and reusable resulting in less pollution globally.

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