Boxes and Boxing

Over the last year it has without doubt been both an enormous pleasure and a positive marketing partnership to have been involved with the Queensbury Boxing League  on their shows which are now featured on UK Eurosport, which has enabled Queensbury to promote its boxers as IQ Storage promotes its boxes.

For those of you that either follow our blog, our Facebook page or have our website bookmarked for your storage requirements you may know that the connection between IQS and Queensbury originates from my working relationship with Queensbury Director and ex professional boxer Ross Minter who in his ‘other life’ works as a fitness trainer.

Appreciating the synergy between selling boxing and selling boxes, the link between the two companies has undoubtedly been beneficial in raising the profile of our company and its intelligent boxing solutions.  At a time when the sport of boxing is regaining in popularity and recapturing the interests of the masses despite some recent controversial publicity IQ Storage are proud to support this high quality amateur event run by a very slick team.

We look forward to attending their next event to be held on the 30th June.

In the meantime, business has been steady with recessional times providing a clear indicator that secondhand boxes are in very high demand and it remains that our biggest seller to date has to be the secondhand folding pallet box.  Measuring 1200 x 1000 x 975mm, unlike its solid counterpart this box has the capability to fold down to approximately 300mm in height making it easier to store when not in use.  Currently selling at £75 plus VAT and Delivery we think this price is hard to beat.

For more information contact us at


Boxing Day

Lewis Pinto accepting his Title Belt from Jacquie Russell IQ Storage

Boxing Day……usually celebrated on the 26th December in the UK traditionally the day meant for unwrapping all those boxes full of Christmas goodies!

Well our Boxing Day is slightly earlier – this coming Saturday the 8th October,  8pm Channel 433 on Sky where we are hoping the Queensbury Boxing League will reveal lots of goodies too in the form of some amazing title fighters demonstrating their technical abilities in the hope of gaining the prized title belt.  We’re there in force, on the canvas, the corners, the toblerones, the TVs, so don’t miss this opportunity to view some truly inspiring, intelligent boxing sponsored by an intelligent box provider.

Providing intelligent box solutions is our game and this week has been no exception. Amongst the many enquiries for our most popular products, we are witnessing an increase in interest in the rental market. So is it mental to consider rental? Well we think not. For customers wanting to use boxes for a short period of time it provides a solution to their needs without the expense of capital outlay and then the need to find storage space or dispose of boxes they no longer need.

This week’s unusual rental request was for a vineyard owner based in Switzerland, with vineyards in the UK. Needing a short term solution to harvest the grape crop, here at IQS we have provided the ideal crate which is lightweight, ventilated and foldable. Charged out at 50p per box per week is both cost effective and convenient

600 x 400 x 290 vented crate available to buy £3.00 per box or to rent 50p per box per week

Multipurpose lightweight crate that both stacks and folds. For more information on crate rental or any of our products please contact us at

Sponsoring the Queensbury Boxing League

Saturday 17th September 2011 saw IQ Storage Solutions attend as one of the key sponsors of the Queensbury Boxing League Event held at Epsom Park Racecourse.

These events are run by a team of professionals lead by  ex professional boxer Ross Minter and Alan Foley whose team ensured that a superb evening of fight entertainment was well run whilst patrons had the option to either sit and enjoy a two course meal in the VIP section or attend as a spectator only.  The events are well organised with a wide range of fighting abilities on show at different weight levels providing a good evening of entertainment.  As one of the key sponsors IQ Storage Solutions were proud to present  the title belt to Light Middleweight Champion Lewis Pinto (pictured above).  This event is due to be televised on Sky Premier Channel 433 on Saturday 8th October at 8pm so tune in and see us there!

A Day in Brighton

Okay so not really about boxes today, more about training in Brighton, combined with selling boxes.

Off to my usual training centre at Silicon Beach Training – situated quite cosily in the hip hop area of Brighton. This is not my first visit to the training centre and the first thing that amazes me as I drive into the now familiar car park two streets away, is that I am greeted so to speak by the sight of the same tramp on the same mattress in the same corner – quite depressing but obviously works for him in some way.  The mystery that I have yet failed to solve, is where on earth he disappears to – as upon my return at the end of a day’s training – there is no sign of tramp nor mattress – nor the accompanying stench.

Training is pretty good and I meet my fellow trainees – the wannabee clever clogs to my left and the quiet unassuming young man to my right – a web designer sporting smart trousers and shirt with accompanying matching chunky African bracelets on each wrist…… oh yes we are in Brighton I remember now 😀

The day passes reasonably quickly and I think i have absorbed a vast amount of information that will allow me to make the presentation of this blog easier to read and easier on the eye  and hopefully more interesting to those that want to follow the life of an IQS box seller.

Talking of boxes – this week’s ‘most wanted box’ award goes to the IQS11051 – red/grey 50 litre stack/nest box made of heavy duty plastic – delivered to your door for £20 plus VAT (minimum order 20).  Check it out on our website

Wednesday – WordPress Day


  It will be strange being away from the forefront of selling boxes at IQ Storage. Instead, a couple of days in Brighton at Silicon Beach Training are going to be the order of the next two days as I get to grips with my biggest blogging ally – WordPress.

Those that blog regularly will know WordPress can be used for free online and is a very valuable tool in the world of social media, allowing businesses like mine to promote their goods by way of blogging – it is safe to say it plays its part in 21st century marketing.

So I’m looking forward to returning to the desk Friday, armed with gizmos to make the IQS blog look a bit easier on the eye – but in the meantime if anybody is after good quality secondhand pallet boxes – I’ve just had some delivered – selling at £75 each plus delivery and VAT – a bargain 🙂

Talking to Elvis in China

Intelligent Box Solutions

In this ever increasingly competitive world, here at IQ Storage we continually strive to find quality manufacturers whose products we’d be happy to distribute.   With European manufacturers in the main tied into sole distributorship agreements with resellers and limited secondhand availability on the market, this ultimately makes the market very limited in terms of choice of supplier for the end user.

Faced with this in mind I started talking to Elvis – not the crooner known famously for renditions such as Jailhouse Rock and Love Me Tender – but a Chinese manufacturer whom I made contact with via the powers of social  networking.  Elvis is a very polite man who is striving to promote his company and his country’s wares in terms of quality and competitive edge.

The thing that becomes immediately apparent when talking to the Chinese is that whatever it is you want – whether it be plastic boxes, paper bags or solar pv panels – they know a man who can.  It can be a slow process when it comes to achieving the right specification and the right price but they strive hard to achieve this goal in a seemingly pleasant and non aggressive manner.

It is early days but the Chinese are responsive and keen to do business.   As we ping e-mails to and fro with regards product specifications and pricing i can’t help feeling that one day we will actually get there.  Either way this is already developing into an interesting learning curve.